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Monday, November 30, 2009

Most bloggers are longing for any high traffic of visitors each day. With the crowded traffic we will get many benefits from our business. An example if we follow the program has paid to promote it, we will be paid $ 4 or $ 2 per 1000 visitors, but provided that our visitors come from certain countries such as: United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain. The main concern is visitors from the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom.If you get trafic of the country you will get $ 4 per 1000 visitors. If in addition we will be rewarded with $ 2. If your visitor simply immediately register for this program. For the payment will be made automatically once with a 2 month minimum payment of $ 0.1 per paypal. To register please click on the word "paid to promote" this or click "here"
For payment information please select your own, if you have paypal, please use your paypal email. After login you will get the html code and code to look for refferal. To obtain the HTML code that can lead to the CSS which is before the < / body > or can be installed in the sidebar. Well, if you have installed, you have to wait to monthly payments. that if you have visitors who have been set. dollars will be sent to your paypal if you visit on your busy blog. With attention to promote you don't need to do anything. simply install the code and get paid.

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Paypal is one of the means of payment (Payment procesors) using the Internet's most widely used and safest in the world. Internet users can buy goods on ebay, original software licenses, membership sites, business affairs, send and receive donations / contributions, send money to other PayPal users around the world and many other functions easily and automatically using the Internet.

When and Why we must have a paypal ?

What is clear, Paypal is very useful for you who want to do transactions online via the Internet.
some use a paypal account, is:
- If you shop at online stores that accept Paypal, you do not need to show the number of transactions at visa or mastercard.
- If you open an online store, you can use Paypal as a payment method
- Achieve your store becomes more widespread because Paypal can be used almost in all countries
- You can also use Paypal to accept donations from anyone and anywhere.
- The money saved in your Paypal account can be withdrawn in cash to your credit card
- so have a credit card is not necessarily a bad thing is it?

PayPal able to overcome the deficiencies in the traditional control money transfer or mandates may in time be processes consume PayPal as bank account, you create an account, and then complete the account with a credit card funds or funds transferan PayPal account of another person in your PayPal balance, and you can use a PayPal account to perform transactions

The conclusion : that using PayPal will become more and berfariasi and I'm almost sure paypal security vendors will continue to develop a system to make it more secure. Its very clear and present clearly more secure that PayPal other payment online tool to send and receive money because it is proof of payment and can make the right to complain if something happened or avoid a false complaint.

So why you don't take this oportonity? Hurri and register here, its free.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

Create your WishList in Paypal, Share on Face Book earn money

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Did you know paypal ? Every blogger involved in online business or any other Internet business should know paypal. PayPal payments have become a tool commonly used on the Internet. If you don't have an account PayPal you must register your e-mail address, and don't forget the data that you enter must match your identity documents because there will be an address verification. Paypal is currently developing its wings by creating an online store on facebook with the name Wishlist Paypal. For this promo period PayPal offers an opportunity for us to make a list of products we (wishlist).

Remove Restrictions and Decrypt Password Protected PDF Files With PDF Unlocker

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Users will agree PDF is a great format for displaying and distributing documents to others as it can keep the originality of the documents. Many professional papers, manuals, tutorials, ebooks, etc available in the internet are mostly in PDF formats. Users can easily download them and use viewer to read them. However, on some occasions, users might experience difficulty printing or copying texts in PDF document downloaded from the internet; the PDF file may prevent them from doing so, although simple trick to unlock restricted (function not allowed) PDF can help.

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ini posting pertama yang saya tulis dalam bahasa Indonesia, setelah sebelumnya semua postingan di blog ini menggunakan standard bahasa inggris. Mengapa saya menggunakan bahasa Inggris pada postingan yang terdahulu? Apa karena saya pintar berbahasa Inggris? Dengan tegas dan penuh kesadaran saya katakan TIDAK. Justru karena saya hanya bisa mengatakan Yes dan No saja. Untuk mengatasi kebutaan saya terhadap B. inggris, maka postingan saya selama ini Copas alias Copy paste.


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