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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Did you know paypal ? Every blogger involved in online business or any other Internet business should know paypal. PayPal payments have become a tool commonly used on the Internet. If you don't have an account PayPal you must register your e-mail address, and don't forget the data that you enter must match your identity documents because there will be an address verification. Paypal is currently developing its wings by creating an online store on facebook with the name Wishlist Paypal. For this promo period PayPal offers an opportunity for us to make a list of products we (wishlist).
Maybe these goods can be ours later....hmm don't get me wrong here... haha.
And to join this program, we do not have to pay anything but we will get a free dollars for $ 1 after joining. And if we invite friends to join, we will earn $ 1 each refferal. To join this program, we must first register in advance facebook and of course paypal account as well. Both of these accounts can get for free, here is the step:
Who have not joined yet, this is the one for you. and here is the wishlist paypal guide.
1. Click here to register .
2. Click allow to register our facebook.
3. Then click on "Click here" for the first dollar 1 from PayPal wish list. But before you click, you must have a paypal account first, because once you click, you will be prompted to enter your paypal email.
4. Then click "submit" and the first $ 1 dollar you earn and have just stored in your expectations paypal, and will be paid at the beginning of next year.
5. Then get a friend to join our friends on facebook account, but previously, create your wish list  who knows thease product on your wish list can be yours later....hehe. Then click "Create New Wishlist" then select your favorite products, select a category and click on the product you want until the fifth item of our wish list filled.
6. If we have a complete list wishes list please click "Save and share this wish list"
7. Share the link and then save and use to invite our colleagues to join, more and more of our friends to join more and more if we get dollars from paypal

So do not wate your time, go and invite yur friends on facebook or blogger friends you have through the blog. I hope that this guide useful  and you can take advantage of the freedollars from paypal by early next year.

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